Providing superior Coaching, Consulting, Training and Professional Speaking services, Dr. Helen Holton and Associates will meet and exceed your expectations with excellence!  Anchored by decades of knowledge, skills, and abilities our firm utilizes a unique integrated system of delivery. By partnering with leaders, teams, and organizations, we work with you to move you from a state of stuck and frustrated to forward progress and action! 


Common outcomes for our clients are:​​

  • Increased productivity and return on investment (ROI), 

  • Enhanced human engagement, internal and external

  • Your team members doing more of what they do best to make a difference

  • Recognized positive gain improvement in self and others


Executive and Leadership Coaching

​​Do you have vision? Are you passionate and committed? Do you know what you do best and how to tap into it? But, need guidance on evolving your leadership style or enhancing your executive presence to secure buy-in? We’re certified to empower executives like you, to consistently show up as the best version of you in your position of leadership, and able to inspire your team to do the same.

How does Coaching work?

After our initial consultation, we’ll work together within the accepted Codes of Conduct and Ethics of the coaching industry as established by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to establish a process that works best for you. To get the most of our time together, it’s important to note that coaching is not a quick fix.  It's an investment of time, energy and effort on both parts and is proven to deliver life-changing results. Are you ready to engage a process proven to upshift your success?


Business Consulting & Organization Advisory

Training, the process of learning new knowledge, skills, and abilities is a big deal to Dr. Helen Holton and Associates. The techniques we employ to facilitate growth and learning work to deepen your engagement and foster sustainable change we have witnessed over the years. Our goal is to work with you and your team to improve a task, activity, or job to upshift your success.

How do we Consult with you?

We consult with leaders and organizations across industries in business, government, and nonprofits on topics ranging from Inclusion & Diversity; Implicit Bias; Intercultural Competency; and Organizational Change. Through dynamic and interactive engagement we identify and reveal barriers to tackle the tough questions by initiating courageous and critical conversations to promote change. Our holistic approach uses focused expertise to evaluate and remedy business challenges and provide SMART solutions that yield sustainable success. Our work together here supports you to focus on what you and your organization does best.


Facilitation & Training

Dr. Helen Holton and Associates are positioned to address frustrations that:

  • disrupt your peace of mind;

  • diminish your productivity goals; and

  • get in the way of you doing what you do best

Do we really need training?

YES. We all need training. None of us are born knowing everything we need to succeed. Our success is cultivated through application of learned information. Dr. Helen Holton and Associates bring more than 50 years combined experience with certifications in coaching, training, and facilitation. Dr. Helen and her team are the go-to resource for One-on-One, Live Group, and Virtual Online training and facilitation. We customize our training to fit the needs of your organization.


Professional Speaking

Beginning life as a keen listener and observer, Dr. Helen didn't speak until after the age of two, and hasn’t stopped since.  Today, Dr. Helen encourages, inspires, and transforms lives with engaging and compelling messages about being real; being resilient and being ready. Her faith-based, take no prisoners, organic style of communicating shines through to deliver compassionate, meaningful takeaways to drive intentional thought and authentic change.  Outspoken, fiery, transparent, truthful, and wise. Dr. Helen is a living testament to the power of Resilience when going through life’s valleys. If you’re looking for a unique voice that will encourage, ignite, and excite your audience, invite Dr. Helen Holton. She’s one of a kind!

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