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An Author Must Write

Here I am propped up on pillows determined to put words to paper before resting my body and mind in slumber. Admittedly, I have some trepidation about my ability to actually do what I proclaim, at least beyond articles, op-eds, and academia. I find myself coming up short on time to put pen to paper or hands to keyboard to do what authors do – write.

I believe there is a definite order to life and there is no such thing as coincidence. Life is in God’s divine and perfect order whether we choose to accept, understand, or believe it. Discipline is not something I consciously adhere or accept as part of my makeup. In reality, I practice my own form of unorthodox discipline that works for me. I choose to see myself as one who flows through life being present in the moment. I am becoming more consciously aware of the unstructured structures I live in order to get things done.

I am not a typical routine person. I don’t get up at the same time every day. I don’t have set regimental patterns for life, but there are tasks I complete daily as the habits of making my household function. And every now and then I feel scattered with things falling through the cracks. The innate nature of who I am continues to press forward toward accomplishing the things that are really important.

This brings me back to the concept of discipline. Anything one endeavors to be good at requires a certain amount of discipline. I love words and find that I write quite a few words on a daily basis for purposes other than being an author. Maintaining my livelihood requires me to write on a daily basis performing such tasks as responding to emails, generating emails, and communicating via text messages. I don’t consider this literary writing by any means but it does fall into the category of writing.

As for my love of words I find myself delving deeper into the meaning and use of words that are often not fully expounded upon as means of expression and conveyance of feelings, attitudes, and beliefs. Even as I wrote the word discipline it struck me that I am more disciplined than I allow myself to believe about myself. I live an unstructured disciplined life. Even to write it out makes me chuckle and wonder what is my hang up about the word “discipline.”

I went to my handy dictionary, on my smartphone, and looked up the word. Discipline – noun, “an activity, exercise, or regimen that develops or improves a skill; training: A daily stint at the typewriter is excellent discipline for a writer.” LOL. How fitting that I should come across this very statement of definition for a word that doesn’t seem to fit whom I see when I look in the mirror.

I am holding to my commitment to writing because after all, I am an author. I accepted the invitation of accountability to write to help me develop the practice and habit of daily writing, a new discipline chosen.  I am closing my computer, wearing a big smile accepting the value of discipline that comes with doing. Discipline has been a constant companion without fanfare or accolades for its contribution to the accomplishments achieved in life. I consciously affirm I am a disciplined author who writes.


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