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Speaking Life to Others Can Have a Boomerang Effect

In the midst of encouraging someone the other day I felt a surge to heed my own words for myself as well. Tentatively listening to a colleague lament about how to get unstuck and move forward brought some of my own bewilderment to light. I wasn’t really aware of my own stumbling blocks until I heard someone else speak them as their own truth. I am amazed at how life presents us opportunities to grow when we least expect it.

Learning is a two-way street and keeping an open mind to new self-discovery even when your focus is on someone else is a reminder of the give and take flow of life. Long ago someone shared that giving and receiving are the same like two sides of a coin, inseparable. When you open your heart to give life blesses you to receive in return.

I believe God created us as relational beings with a desire to be connected to one another to increase our ability to spread love and do good. How is this simple concept so easily overlooked and misunderstood? There’s a saying, “fair exchange is no robbery,” yet far too often people focus on making sure they’re not getting the short end of the exchange. What does that mean, and more importantly what does it look like for you?

I have spent the past couple decades of my life pouring into the dreams, desires, and goals of other peoples lives just like you. Doing what I can do to make connections and bridge gaps moving them closer to their desired outcome. I’ve never stopped to ask anything in return, other than for them to pay it forward by helping someone else.

I had a pleasant surprise recently to have an impromptu lunch with a dear friend from out of town who was in town on business. We hadn’t seen each other in well over a year and were long overdue. Immediately we commenced in serious girlfriend chatter as if it was only yesterday since we’d last seen one another. Sharing information and ideas over a good meal is rich and filling. Time does fly when you’re having fun and we had a blast.

We could have let our conversation stay on the personal but when you truly live life into your gifts and talents with intentionality of purpose conversations take on a whole new meaning. My sister-girlfriend-shero Susan is all that and I have deep love and admiration for her and how she is impacting lives on a daily basis. One of the most beautiful things about our relationship is the ability to exchange support for one another personally and professionally all while intensely focused on the greater good we seek to do for others.

We had a real love fest catching up on our lives while furthering our like-minded mission of doing good through our respective organizations. Living life intentionally in pursuit of your calling or life’s passion opens you up to speak life into others reality and be blessed in the process; giving and receiving at the same time. Its the natural order of the universe and when it’s flowing you intuitively know it and are naturally affirmed for being who you show up to be in the world. Ashe.

Peace and blessings!


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