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Anniversaries Are Opportunities To Mark Progress

This past weekend was the anniversary of the date I entered the land of the living as flesh and blood. The realization that there are more days behind me than ahead caused me to pause and reminisce about how I’ve been blessed to reach this moment in time and space. I’ve had many good days and enough not so good to let me know just how good my life really has been.

Have I accomplished all I had hoped? No. Did the dreams and plans of how I thought my life would materialize happen? Absolutely not. Are there events of my life I wish had never been? There was a time when my first response would have been a definitive yes. As I have grown, matured and become more aware of who I am and the choices I make I’ve come to realize that my life is exactly as it is supposed to be.

I live my life today with more joy and gratitude than ever before. My life is not perfect but it is more solidly grounded than ever before. I began to strengthen my resilience long before I knew that I was doing it. When I look back over the adversities and challenges that have clouded my life and rained on my parade I am amazed to find myself where I am. It is not by accident. My faith and resilience have been the foundation that has kept me afloat and moving forward.

We are confronted with choices every moment of every day  we live. It begins each morning when consciousness alerts us that we have awakened to a new day. Something as simple as do I get out of bed or not is a choice. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is free will and the ability to choose life. Our thoughts have power, our words have more power, and our actions are the manifestation of our thoughts and words.

Our self-awareness of what we think and say is a powerful attribute to help build resilience. There are times when moving forward is only possible if we are willing to take a chance. To step into the unknown, to take a risk is a catalyst for change. You must make a conscious choice to take a chance or your life will not change.

Time is in constant motion and waits for no one. When I was growing up my mother told me that in life there is no such thing as standing still, you are either moving forward or backward. Nothing stays the same. Standing still in indecision is making a decision. When we are indecisive and do not make choices life still happens and our outcomes are reflective of the decisions or choices we were not willing to consciously make.

Building resilience beyond your innate ability sometimes happens when you least expect. Life celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries are opportunities you can use to amp up your gratitude for the adversities you have overcome. The process may not have been easy or pleasant and yet it is behind you. Even if remnants of your challenge remain your perception of its impact on your life has shifted.

The movement of time is beyond our control. Life continues to happen and how you get through and move forward is up to you. Is dwelling on things in life that bring you down or set you back worth holding? How can your life improve when you shift your point of view and seek out the silver lining in the midst of your storm?

Whether you see the glass half full or half empty is a matter of perspective that has the potential to open doors or close them. Intentionality is living within a self-awareness of making conscious choices to live and have life be more abundantly full of joy, peace, and love. I choose to live a happy life full of possibility and hope. What choices will you make and celebrate on your next anniversary of life?


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