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Are You on Track to UpShift Your Success?

​​Dr. Helen Holton and Associates is a collaborative of like-minded professionals in complementary disciplines and shared perspectives around Inclusion, Respect, and Resilience. We partner with you to upshift the trajectory of your success.

How engaged is your team?

According to Gallup research, "when people know who they are and what they do best, they are 3 times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs." (Rath, T. (2007), StrengthsFinder 2.0. New York: Gallup Press)

Our approach is simple. We work with executives, leaders and teams to strengthen your organization and deepen your engagement for better outcomes of impact, influence and income. It makes sense and we show you how.

With more than 100 years of formal education, experience, and expertise anchored in talent development investment we provide you with an elevated standard of excellence in coaching, leadership training, organization advisory, and professional speaking services.

This holistic, proven process results in increased productivity and efficiency with a stronger bottom line. We work at all levels of your organization from C-Suite executives to aspiring entrepreneurs and hopefuls. Our strength is talent growth and development.

“Our philosophy is holistic and intuitive. We believe in the pursuit of profits with inclusive engagement.

From the C-Suite to the Single Member LLC, leaders like you today face more uncertainty than ever before. In an ever-evolving business landscape, are you prepared to competitively contend? Does uncertainty keep you awake? What keeps your bottom line from growing? Engage Dr. Helen Holton and Associates to provide you with tools to overcome life's landmines, setbacks and inevitable career challenges more effectively and better equipped to reach your goals. Successful, sustainable leadership is possible.


“Are you ready to make the investment and do the work?”

Let us join you on your journey to what's next. Get unstuck. Flourish into the enviable position of being prepared and equipped to meet opportunity head on and do more of what you do best.  And we know... your best is yet to come!

Who is Dr. Helen Holton?

Coach | Consultant | Professional Speaker | Author

 A proven and resilient leader who works with executives and leaders to strengthen and build Inclusive, Resilient and Respectful teams and organizations. She connects the dots by sharing valuable insights, wisdom and strategies to increase your ability to make big things happen. This is what she does best!



Providing superior Coaching, Consulting, Training, and Professional Speaking services, Dr. Helen Holton and Associates will meet and exceed your expectations with excellence! Anchored by decades of knowledge, skills, and abilities, our firm utilizes a unique integrated system of delivery.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Gallup-Certified, we offer customized, one-on-one coaching to executives, leaders, and individuals to deepen engagement, accelerate growth and achieve goals.

Management Consultant and Organization Advisory

We consult organizations and leaders across industries and continents in a dynamic way that removes barriers and tackles tough issues through actionable engagement.

Professional Speakers & Empowerment Trainers

Our firm is the go-to resource for exceptional keynote and breakout session presenters. We produce hands-on and interactive training that is entertaining and engaging.

Services Anchor


“I engaged Dr. Helen Holton last year to help me improve my coaching skills.  As an ICF credentialed coach, was required to receive mentor coaching as part of keeping my credentials up to date. She had come highly recommended by my original coaching trainer.  His comments to me were that she was truly excellent. He was right. My work with Dr. Helen has not only made me a more effective coach, but much more important to me, a better, more effective human being.


I work with a wide variety of people in my businesses, in a variety of capacities.  So, I don’t always attempt to coach them myself and I have begun referring people to Dr. Helen and will continue to do so.”


Chief Innovator, Hayne Coaching Group

Meet The Associates

Speaking Ancho
Paul Meshanko.png

Paul Meshanko

Author | Speaker | Business Owner

Paul Meshanko is an author, professional speaker and business owner with over 25 years of experience in leadership development and organizational culture change. 

Denise Harris_headshot.jpg

Denise Harris

Executive Coach | Corporate Consultant

Denise is an executive coach with a strong track record of helping CEOs and senior leaders get through their hardest professional challenges and take their effectiveness to the next level.

Arlene Roane.png

Arlene F. Roane

Global Diversity | Inclusion | Cultural Competence

Arlene Roane is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, facilitator and consultant with over 15 years of experience in global diversity, inclusive leadership, and cultural competency.

Duane Taylor.png

H. Duane Taylor

Lawyer | Consultant | Trainer

Duane Taylor has over 20 years experience implementing leadership development solutions that enhance organizational performance.

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